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Increasing access to medical treatment and support services remains an important aspect of the work conducted through our service centres across Albania. MWL staff play an essential role in helping vulnerable people make medical appointments, accompanying patients, and providing emotional support through the treatment period and beyond. Mental health support was also given through our advice centre in Tirana and virtually to those in need in other regions.

What we will do:

Ensure we continue to have psychological support available for those that need it. Part of this is developing a partnership with the Medaille Trust in the UK who make available support in the UK too.

What will be the impact:

Many hundreds received medical help and/or psychological support from our Services centre last year and we want to help more in the coming year. This means we need to employ specialise psychologists to help.


Rr. Skenderbej, 4.1.14, Tirana, Albania

Registered UK address 6 Albert Street, Durham, UK DH1 4RL

Regular donations can be bank transferred to:
Mary Ward Loreto UK, CAF Bank LTD, sort code 40-52-40, account 00034322

Mary Ward Loreto UK is a registered charity
No. 1192478

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